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WATWC provides culturally responsive and relevant mental health and wellness services to advance the lives of youth and young adult women. We cultivate lifelong healing and growth through the teaching and utilization of African-centered, Mind-Body strategies.


Women and girls will be equipped with a variety of tools to prosper as whole healthy beings. Clients will feel empowered to recognize their inner strengths and align the mind, body, and spirit to fulfill their life’s purpose.

Tropical Flower

What IS Wholistic Alignment?

A movement

A new way to become in tune with self mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to find your true identity

A mindset

A new way of thinking that recognizes your inner strengths, what you’re capable of and your resilience 

A practice

A new way to use your imagination by exploring your desires and setting realistic goals to get there

A discipline

A new way to identify what’s getting in the way of your optimal wellness and personal fulfillment

A plan

A new way to take action on fulfilling your life’s purpose

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